The mission of MBRU is to provide integrated academic and clinical healthcare professional education of international standards as well as innovative world-class research attuned to the needs of the country.


MBRU aims to be an internationally recognized provider of high quality healthcare education and a center for healthcare research. 

MBRU Values

At MBRU, we believe that values are reflected in our actions.  Our values will support the implementation of the vision, mission, goals and objectives of the University and will enable us to establish an organizational culture built upon trust, respect and shared purpose.  

Our Values

  • MBRU’s people through team work and collaboration (People, Teamwork and Collaboration)
  • Excellence as a Medical Education Provider and in Research (Excellence)
  • Respect, Honesty, trust and transparency (Respect, Honesty and Trust)
  • Accountability and Responsibility
  • Knowledge and Expertise
  • Equity Equality in outcome
  • Service to the Community

Goals of MBRU

Our Goals 

  • To offer high-quality programs tailored to the regions needs
  • To facilitate a conducive research environment
  • To grow the University into an agile and sustainable organization
  • To enrich students’ experiences
  • To build a pipeline of high-caliber UAE-Nationals entering the healthcare workforce
  • To engage with community
  • To be internationally recognized for high-quality teaching and research

MBRU is proactive in supporting its goals, and adopts international best practices in teaching and learning assessment, including: 

  • TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning)
  • Simulation
  • Student-centric learning

Contact Us

Building 14, Dubai Healthcare City
P.O Box 505055, Dubai UAE

Phone: 800 MBRU (6278)
Email: info@mbru.ac.ae

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